ZazouSwing is a husband and wife dancing duo, with over 18 years of performing, teaching and dance experience.  They are currently teaching at an occasional workshop or special event or by appointment only.  They offer private individual, couples and group lessons in their home studio or at Danceology in Warwick, RI.

Rates:  Small Group/Individual

             $75/hour or $240 for a package of four lessons. 

             Events: $250 for demonstration and dance lesson.

Beth clearly remembers watching the dance scenes in the movie “Swing Kids” and thinking, “I wish I could do that!”  Soon afterwards, during Swing’s revival, she and her husband, Todd, enrolled in lessons.  After a total of 12 lessons (and the assistance of a rather large chocolate martini), she ventured out in public to an actual dance.  Since then she has sampled the wide array of experiences that the swing dance scene has to offer. 


Alongside her husband, she has taken classes from a variety of amazing instructors, racked up thousands of hours of teaching experience, tried her hand at competition, performed others’ choreography and come with some of her own .  The dance has taken her to all sorts of venues throughout the United States and even as far away as Cambodia!  These days she is most interested in teaching people how to get the most out of social dancing.  Since her primary role on the dance floor is that of a follower, she is committed to educating students on the sometimes overlooked, yet incredibly nuanced and important role that follows play in the partner dynamic.

Todd was dating Beth and in grad school when he recalls seeing a Gap commercial which featured swing dancing and thought "Wow! I have to do that!".  Shortly afterwards, finding they had this passion in common and agreeing to get married, Todd and Beth sought out formal lessons mainly in looking for alternatives to the typical wedding reception dances.  Little did they know this would enhance their lives forever, both in marriage and in dance, affording them some incredible experiences traveling far and wide to dance, perform and teach, locally, nationally and internationally.   


Soon after, Todd was able to connect this new found passion to his job at the York City Bureau of Health, where with a grant, they fostered a brand new scene and created an outline for other scenes.  Todd considers some of his greatest accomplishments as running a successful swing scene in York Pennsylvania (still running today), ranking 1st-3rd in Lindy Hop competitions (2004-2008), teaching at the Royal Academy of Dance in Cambodia, helping to build over two dozen dance scenes across the nation, performing for Waterfire in Providence, and 8 years teaching at Brown University. 



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